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The American Recovery and Re-investment Act of 2009 provides for $19 billion in incentives for health information technology (HIT) spending over the next five years. Health Tech Associates plays a vital role in helping our clients maximize their investment in technology to improve performance and quality of care.

We recognize that in today's climate of decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs, healthcare providers are faced with difficult challenges to continue to provide quality care.

To overcome these challenges, providers must utilize new technology and information management systems to leverage their resources most effectively.

Find out more about us, then look at our services to make your possibilities a reality.

How We Help

Our professionals possess real-world experience on the provider side and with technology vendors. This concentrated industry experience helps us quickly understand your operations and identify solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our mission is to provide superior quality services and solutions that can help your organization improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs, improve quality of care and increase profitability.

The HIT360 Process is a comprehensive, innovative and unique approach to acquiring and deploying technology.

Key benefits include:HIT360Process.jpg

  • Improved accuracy and clarity of the IT Plan
  • Reduced decision-making time
  • Increased likelihood of successful installation
  • Decreased overall implementation cost
  • Most favorable contract terms
  • Long-term HIT vision and plan
  • Maximized return on investment

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